What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is altering your website in such a way that more visitors perform target action:

buy your product, fill out a form, click an affiliate link and so on.

Do to that, you get feedback from your visitors (both directly and via website data), then you tailor your website to suit your visitors needs and preferences even more, so they act on your offers more often.

Why is conversion rate optimization so important for your online business?

The answer is very simple — it is the most cost-effective way to increase your website’s ROI. …

CRO approach

Perhaps now is the time for you to order audits but not only ask your friends to check “what is wrong with my site”, “why sales are not going on”. After looking at the reports or visiting the site in person, it is now that the moment has come for you when you have realized that it requires changes.

It is essential to understand that you need to update not the site, but the interaction of your users with it, to make the journey map from the first visit to conversion shorter and easier. …

How to Install Google Tag Manager in Shopify
How to Install Google Tag Manager in Shopify

As a Shopify Partner, our agency team has prepared solutions to help Shopify stores to quickly and easily install, transfer, and further track all the data necessary for business — a set of ready-made tags and variables ready to import your Google Tag Manager and further configuration.

There will be a separate article to learn more about these solutions. In this article, we would like to describe how to install Google Tag Manager for Shopify correctly.

Before installing GTM in Shopify, you need three basic things:

  1. Google Analytics account, connected to Shopify. …

A lot of businesses have been hit hard. We know maximizing conversion rates on your website is important at this time.

As a bunch of CRO specialists globally, we want to help.

Launching the COVID19 Conversion Rate Aid Package

We are giving 1 hour of our time every week to any business who could use some FREE CRO advice to improve your conversions.

Completely free, actionable conversion advice. No obligation, no sales pitch, no hidden agenda.

* A 1-on-1 video or phone call with me going over your website to identify Conversion issues and Suggested Changes…

1. Focus on existing clients and partners. It is essential to maintain human and business relationships. As in the old anecdote: “The corporate party will end, but the status of businesswoman will have to be restored.” The same here: the crisis will pass, not everyone will survive, but even less will come out of the situation with dignity.

2. Do not “cut” the entire advertising budget. While your competitors stop all advertising, you can buy out this traffic cheaply and make a profit. Instead of cutting costs, take an objective look at where you spend your money and what income…

What is CRO and how it can help your business?

Conversion rate optimization is all about online marketing. What is it and how it can revolutionize your business?
Before we dig deeper, we need to know what does “conversion” and “conversion rate” mean.
Conversion is the desired action you want a visitor to take on your website. It can be anything: completing a purchase or submitting an email, it is anything that turns the visitor to a customer or lead.
Conversion rate is the percentage of website visitor who takes the desired action. You can mathematically calculate it as:

Project: digital advertising for the insurance company.

Ads duration: 1 month (March 2018).

Task: Increase the number of online applications for travel policies.

Tools and channels:
✓ Search ads and Google Display Network
✓ Targeted ads on Facebook
✓ Set up remarketing for Facebook and Google AdWords
* The client was offered to start e-mail campaigns, advertising on YouTube, Criteo setup, advertising in Telegram, Viber and through SMS.

1. The technical task for eCommerce was written;
2. Customized eCommerce in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics;
3. A sales funnel was configured to detect the weaknesses of the site on which users…

Case study | Marketing strategy: Lactomarine. New product online launch

Project: Lactomarine, natural nutritional supplements.
Initially, it was sold to the audience of age 50+ by such channels as TV and outdoor advertising and telemarketing.

Homepage, new version

Task: To expand the audience of the product, launch the product online, in 6 months to achieve self-sufficiency (ROMI) for the online product.

Project manager
Web designer
Web developers (front and back end)
Marketing team:
Strategist and Media buyer
PPC manager
SMM manager
Web analyst

Digital marketing agency developed several landing pages for different areas of treatment. Advertising campaigns started.. …

How to create and optimize a high top converting landing page

Creating a good landing page is like making a steak: it seems so easy but has a lot of details that will either break it or make it.
An impressive landing page is a key component in helping you convert visitors into customers. You should remember that your ROI depends on how good is your landing page because a cheaply designed page can lead to just a waste of an ad budget. Talking about advertising, we want to share some tips for more success in conversions.

Tip # 1 is not to drive ad traffic to a homepage. Check standard…

This is our first post in a blog, and it will be a case about how old-fashioned site increased their CR by 800% (x9 times) and how business became happy when we found out where and why it was losing the money.

Client: Manufacturer of ceramic figures. There is the opportunity on the website to select a design from available templates, as well as to order designing of your model from the photos that you provide with.

Input data: the website design is old -fashioned, it has not been changed since it was created (and it was ten years ago)…

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